12 Days of Style, Ninth Day

On the Ninth Day of Style Sophia gave to me...
Tips to be the BEST DRESSED GUEST!
 "When a girl feels that she's perfectly groomed and dressed she can forget that part of her.  That's charm.  The more parts of yourself you can afford to forget the more charm you have."    -F. Scott Fitzgerald
This is our goal for you at Sophia Lustig.  To help you select the best outfit top to bottom, inside and outside so that you can get dressed with confidence, forget about your outfit, and authentically enjoy yourself! 
Here are a few tips to secure BEST DRESSED GUEST:
  • Plan ahead and dress rehearse.  Whether you are starting from scratch and want something new or pulling "old faithful" from your closet, you'll want to prepare prior to 5 minutes before your departure time!  Does it fit?  Does it need a tweak?  Does it need to be ironed?  When you visit Sophia Lustig, we do this for you.  We select the most figure flattering outfit for the occasion.  With the help of our in house tailor, Sarah, we ensure fit is perfection.  When you walk out of here with outfit in hand, it is pressed and ready to wear.
  • Highlight your assets and minimize your weakness.  What did we do before Spanx?  Spanx allows you to show off your curves, smooth out your bumps and smile with confidence!  Depending on your needs, Spanx can smooth for second skin, shape for targeted support or sculpt for total transformation.  Come find the right foundation for your outfit.  No one needs to know!  Today 25% off Spanx
  • Don't forget the finishing touches!  The right accessories can make an awesome statement!  Too many accessories can ruin the whole look.  Choose wisely.  Nylons are a good thing and here are a few guidelines.  If you have a lot of skin showing at your neck, shoulders or arms, choose a nude closest to your natural skin color.  If your outfit is black and more covered, consider a matte black or textured leg like a small fishnet.  Moisturize!  Don't forget your shoulders, back and elbows!  Lipstick is a must!
  • Now that you've planned, rehearsed, highlighted and added the finishing touches, go be your charming self with confidence....ENJOY the party!

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