12 Days of Style, Seventh Day

On the Seventh Day of Style Sophia Gave to Me...
Wolford Basics!
Sophia Lustig believes that building a wardrobe doesn't happen over night.  It is a process of adding core quality pieces that mix and match together to create your essential wardrobe.  Some core essentials include a little black dress, a blazer, a wide leg black pant, a narrow leg black pant, a crisp white shirt, a cashmere sweater in your best face color, a black turtleneck, and black tank.
Today, receive a Wolford gift with any Wolford purchase.  
Wolford: Founded 65 years ago Wolford has been producing in Bregenz and in Slovenia, since 2010, the world’s finest legwear, lingerie, ready-to-wear & knitwear such as accessories. Synonymous with effortless sophistication, true confidence, multifunctionality and holistic comfort, the company creates versatile yet beautiful pieces. As a global player, Wolford made commitment to innovation, modernity and elegance, a quiet statement that embodies the company’s treasured possession: a unique combination of creative design and technical know-how. Through holistic understanding of the layer closest to the skin, Wolford is to be worn every day, on every occasion, by every woman.
Colorado:  A seamless turtleneck with a string body for ultimate sophistication. $250
Jamaika:  This sleek, seamless string body with generous neckline is the feminine alternative to the tank top. $195

Individual 100 Leg Support Tights:  Matte look, energizing feel: These extremely comfortable, fully opaque tights with compression knitting technology prevent legs from tiring too quickly. For all those long days on which a good silhouette and lasting comfort are indispensable. $85

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