Does your skin need more protection than just sunscreen?

In this day and age, your skin absolutely needs more protection than just sunscreen. Natura Bisse's Diamond Cocoon is a collection of cutting edge skin care products that protect from modern pollution and blue light, two invisible aggressors that cause premature aging and other daily skin damage . These products are armed with advanced ingredients that globally protect, target and repair your skin.


Diamond Cocoon Daily Cleanse

Toxins, pollutant particles, impurities…Every day many elements are deposited on your skin’s surface, which can cause skin imbalances and alterations. Protect your skin and remove these elements, make-up and excess oil in just one step with this gentle, daily facial cleanser. This is very delicate on the skin, and preserves all its hydration and comfort.

The result is incredibly clean, supple and flexible skin.

• Gently eliminates impurities, ideal as a daily facial cleanser.
• Maintains skin hydrated, flexible and comfortable.
• Removes even the most resistant make-up.


Diamond Cocoon Hydrating Essence

Strengthen your skin against modern pollution and multiple external aggressors. Increase your skin’s absorption capacity and enhance the efficiency of the skincare products you choose to apply next. Diamond Cocoon Hydrating Essence is an essential step to finish your daily cleansing ritual. A pre-treatment, prebiotic essence that balances skin flora and provides intense hydration that lasts up to 72 hours*. In addition, it fights skin damage caused by heavy metals present in the atmosphere.

The result: a fortified, flexible and luminous complexion.

• Provides immediate, deep and long-lasting hydration (72 hours)*.
• Balances skin flora and reinforces skin barrier function.
• Fights skin damage caused by heavy metals present in the atmosphere.

Diamond Cocoon Ultimate Shield

Invisible armor for the skin. A comfortable, breathable, imperceptible multiple-action mantle that armors your skin against pollutant particles and indoor pollution while providing superior protection against aging blue light. Thanks to the refreshing Diamond Cocoon Ultimate Shield mist, you will enjoy protected, soft, moisturized skin all day long. Now you can enjoy your lifestyle without limitations. Never was there a lighter shield. Never was a veil more powerful.

• Physically blocks up to 99% of PM2.5 and PM10 particles from sticking to the skin*.
• When exposed to blue light (HEV), it reduces free radicals by up to 57% and improves skin quality by up to 92%* (biological barrier).
• Intensely moisturizing, providing elasticity and comfort throughout the day.

You can find all three products at the shop or in our online boutique.  Click on the picture of the product to take you directly to the item. 


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