Dressing Using the Power of Three

Are you ready to elevate your style?  There is a subtle but powerful guideline to follow that if done correctly, takes your look from ordinary to extraordinary.  This is what I like to call "Dressing Using the Power of Three".  When you add three dynamic personal touches to an outfit, you add interest and style.  

Things that come in three's are more aesthetically pleasing than 2's or 4's.  Just as you would have 3 pillows on your sofa or 3 pictures to configure a wall design, think also in terms of 3 when getting dressed.  Some people consider your top and bottom as two pieces so the third piece would be your scarf or your jacket and a belt.  Why don't you to step it up a notch and consider your top and bottom as one.  Then you need to add two more elements to create your look.  Here are some examples:

  • A jacket, a crisp shirt and a lapel pin
  • A jacket, a crisp shirt and a beautiful scarf
  • A jacket, a crisp shirt and a handsome statement making belt
  • An interesting sweater, a hip slung belt and fabulous earrings
  • A dress, a 3/4 length cardigan and a statement making necklace

So, the next time you are getting dressed, notice if you are automatically using the Power of Three or if you need to retrain your brain!  If you think you need some help with some examples from your own closet, call the shop and schedule an appointment to work with a stylist.  We are here for you!  419-243-5131

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