How Else Can I Wear This?

When you buy quality clothing and are building a wardrobe, you should always ask, “How else can I wear this?”  


Once you have your foundation pieces in your wardrobe, any item you add to the collection should multi-task for you.  Take for example this jumpsuit and duster.  Of course, this duster looks amazing over the matching jumpsuit, but now that you have these two pieces in your closet, how else can you wear them?

Foundation piece #1:  Crisp white shirt.  Add this duster over a crisp white shirt and skinny black pants, black leggings or black jeans.  

Foundation piece #2:  LBD.  How killer would this duster look over your sleeveless little black dress?  

Foundation piece #3:  Black lining piece. Using this duster over a column of 2 black separates gives you a long lean look.  Depending on the season, you should have on hand a black tank (utilizing your best neckline; V-neck, scoop neck, boat neck), a black long sleeve lining piece (again utilizing the most flattering neckline; Wolford turtleneck or majestic long sleeve crewneck or Vneck.

Foundation piece # 4:  Your most flattering jean.  And, if it’s that good, you should consider it in a few washes; dark clean, black and an everyday soft worn-in denim.  

Foundation piece # 5:  A black pencil skirt always comes in handy.  If you are dressing in the spring, summer, or fall with this duster and a narrow fitting pencil skirt, you and utilize your sleeveless black tank and keep your legs bare with an open toe shoe in nude or black.  If you are moving into late fall/early winter, consider getting out your black opaque tights and wearing booties or a sleek tall black suede or leather boot.

So look at that, with one duster bought with the matching jumpsuit you can have upwards of 5 additional outfits if you have your foundation wardrobe set in place!!!

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