How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Quarantine

I am certain you can figure out how to have on hand the ingredients for a yummy Mexican dinner.  I am also pretty certain you can google Cinco de Mayo playlist to find some happy tunes for the celebration.  Have you found the bright festive spring outfit in your closet to round out the fiesta?  Here are some thoughts from Sophia Lustig perfect for the Cinco de Mayo celebration in quarantine.  

Option 1.  Great fitting jean and a bright silky blouse.  Do the French tuck and add a pair of nude wedges.  You're ready!

Option 2.  An awesome wear with anything denim shirt and a bright colored bottom.  Grab your favorite white tennis shoes and you are set!

Option 3:  Find a bright colored t-shirt and pair it with a light faded denim, super casual but equally festive for the quarantine party.

Option 4:  The option of white jeans and a bright top brings up the question, is it too early for white jeans?  Our answer, white jeans are being worn year-round these days.  For the "rules following girl", I would loosen your rule by wearing them prior to Memorial Day IF it is a bright sunny day in May.  If it is a cold and rainy day before (or even after) Memorial Day, I would choose something else.  



Option 5:  Throw on an easy breezy brightly colored frock and be good to go!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  Click on each item above to purchase your favorite item from our website.







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