Playful Prints: Have a Little Fun!

Spark some interest in your spring ensemble by adding a bit of print!   There are varying degrees of comfort levels when thinking about wearing prints on your body.  You can make the statement minimal with a border print on top and a solid bottom or go full gusto with head to toe print.  Take your pick.  

HEAD TO TOE:  While we realize head to toe one color of print will make you appear longer than if you had a print top and a solid bottom because your eye has no interruption line (think in terms of monochromatic), sometimes you need to break up the print with a belt.  


Head to Toe


PRINT.PRINT.SOLID:  Print Camisole, Print Duster and Solid Bottom.  This colorful Missoni-like camisole and duster is a fun use of print.  If this is too much print, you could consider wearing a white camisole, white pant and the print duster (Solid.Solid.Print).


MIX 'EM UP!  Now we're having fun.  Don't be afraid to show a little creativity and mix your prints.  The leopard belt below, by Veronica Beard, is keeping the animal theme when paired it with the "Tree of Life" blouse from Dorothee Schumacher.  Life's too short...Have a little fun!

Mix up the Prints

vegan leather jacket:  stone trousers: tree of life blouse: leopard belt: gold pearl earrings:

Border Print:  For some, this boarder print top is as much print as they are comfortable with, and that's ok!  Keeping the ensemble in black is another way to ease into a print.  Here we have a hint of print. 
Border Print

boarder print top: mesh black pant: gold earring: straw and black tote


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