Prints Please!

Prints are so personal!  It's kind of a love/hate relationship!  Learning how to incorporate prints into your wardrobe will not only stretch your wardrobe to many new outfit combinations, but will also add interest to your core foundations.  Here are some simple tips to follow.

  • Find a print or pattern you like in a top and wear it under a neutral blazer or sweater.  The jacket/sweater will cover MOST of the print and when you start feeling bold, remove your outer layer.  
  • If the above is still too much, start with subtle accessories and add a touch of print at a time.  An animal print belt with a black dress, snakeskin shoes with a neutral monochromatic outfit or a pretty botanical print scarf with a solid sweater or jacket.
  • Break up a print dress with a solid belt, jacket or cardigan.

Life is too short!  Let loose and experiment with prints!

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