Race for the Cure, Lambie's Legacy

Interested in walking or running in Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Toledo?  Join our team, Lambie's Legacy and meet at 8:30 to fuel your body, drop your stuff and gather for a team picture.  


8:30 a.m.

Sign-up TODAY!

1.  go to: www.komennwohio.org

2.  click on menu (top right screen)

3. choose Race for the Cure Toledo

4. Click on Register

5. Join a Team. From there it will ask you to enter your user name and password, or create a new one.  You will want to join the existing team:  Lambie's Legacy.

Why Lambie's Legacy?  

Lambie was a dear friend to Sophia Lustig. Lambie Stout loved life!  And she believed in living hers to the fullest. She was an amazing person who always put others before herself. She was a devoted mother and wife, and a loyal friend.  She was naturally easy-going; her energetic spirit, witty sense of humor and easy laugh made her fun to be around. Lambie, learned from a very early age, the joy of helping others.  Needless to say, she had many friends in many circles.  And Lambie loved bringing people together, whether it was for celebration and friendship or for a greater cause!  We will walk on September 30th in memory of our dear friend, Lambie Stout. We hope you will join us!








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