An Expert Eye and Quality Alterations Can Make an Outfit

It caught her attention the second she laid eyes on it. She be-lined right for it, there was no stopping her. Before I could even give her a little background about the designer, she took it off the lucite rack and turned towards the dressing room. "This is it," she said as she shut the dressing room door. My client had just spotted the collection that had arrived earlier that day. I could tell from her reaction, she was as excited as we were with the new arrival.

As she came out of the dressing room dressed in the clothes she walked in wearing, she looked very disappointed, "it didn't fit, it looked awful on me", she said. Without seeing it on her I couldn't be certain what she meant, although I knew the silhouette was perfect for her shape. The fit of a garment can make or break an outfit. I had her put it back on. When she came back out, I knew exactly the issue. The short jacket was perfection (minus the gorilla arms that could easily be shortened) and the skirt was meant to be longer, but on my 5'4" customer, it hit her at a very unflattering part of her leg, mid calf. Once I put her in heels and had Sarah, our seamstress pin the skirt to just below the knee and her sleeves to the appropriate length, she was once again in LOVE!

Most of us are not model size nor can we wear tailored clothing well, right off the rack. An expert eye and alterations can make or break an outfit. We are lucky to have a seamstress on our team. It is very rare to find that in a specialty store today. Sarah works with us (during the summer months) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Once her son goes back to school, she will be with us on Tuesdays also. She works magic and we are so fortunate to have her expertise.

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