Sophia Lustig Gives Thanks

Dear Sophia Lustig Family,

Sophia Lustig has so much to be thankful for this year. First, we are thankful to be able to continue an 85-year-old tradition of providing high quality clothing and accessories to women in and around Toledo... and beyond! We are thankful for our new store and for our wonderful small business neighbors who have been so very welcoming to Sophia Lustig. We are thankful for our suppliers who are working hard to fill our orders so that we can have a full and exciting store for the holiday season. Finally, and most importantly, we are thankful for you, our customers. Without you, we would not be here. Your unwavering support through your patronage, encouragement and engagement means the word to this small business!

As a token of our appreciation, we want to introduce a rewards program that will start November 26th (Black Friday) and run through the end of the year. Here is how it will work:

For every dollar you spend at Sophia Lustig from November 26th to December 31st, we will reward you  with 10% of your pretax purchase in the form of Reward Dollars to be used in the month of January. For each purchase during the reward earning timeframe, you will be given a card stating your reward from that purchase. You may collect several cards throughout the month. Then, come back in January with your card(s) and redeem your reward dollars with your new purchase!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Sophia Lustig Team

Meredith, Fatima & Kathi

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