Sunday Skin Care

With a little bit more time at home, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get into a good skin care routine or spark your existing one.  Now, if this is a foreign concept for you, we will begin slow and take it step by step.  starting with something that everyone should be doing so that the rest of your routine can be as robust as it is meant to be.  That is Exfoliation.

Exfoliation is the magic ritual for unveiling natural beauty. The skin care line we carry at Sophia Lustig, Natura Bissé, has a product called Diamond Extreme Glyco Peel for an exfoliation treatment.  It is a scientific masterpiece; a triple enzymatic exfoliation system with 5 AHAs that produces miraculous renewal and rejuvenation. An ultimate at-home spa treatment, it dissolves dead cells and impurities while acting on the deepest layers of the skin. It is essential to enhance the benefits of other cosmetics that you use.

The results: transformed, extraordinarily firm and luminous skin. Non-aggressive, safe, and visible effects in just 15 minutes. A Natura Bissé must-have.

• Restores glow and luminosity. 
• Immediate lifting effect. 
• Fades dark spots, minimizes pores and eliminates rough skin and impurities.  

If you already have the Diamond Extreme Glyco Peel, here is a refresher on how to use it:

Step 1:  Use the treatment 2 times a week for 6 weeks.

Step 2:  Apply 4 pumps to your t-zone, an additional 4 pumps on your checks and facial contour and finally 6 pumps on your neck and decollate

Step 3:  Allow product to work for 15 minutes and then remove with a warm washcloth or pad

Step 4:  Complete your treatment by applying your serum and moisturizer

Good habits start with small incremental changes done consistently.  Start exfoliating today!  If you would like to order Diamond Extreme Glyco Peel, click here.  You can also call the shop to place your order.  419-243-5131. 


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