The Jean Jacket

There are many ways to cover up beyond your basic blazer.  The jacket is the ultimate finish to every outfit.  Whether it be short, long, fitted or a swing style it can act as the centerpiece to your outfit or it can be the functional coverage you need.  Just as a khaki trench coat has become a wardrobe staple, so has the jean jacket secured a spot on the list of comfortable essentials for a woman’s wardrobe.    Paired with other classics such as wide leg khaki pants, a white t-shirt and a great belt, the jean jacket finishes the chic simple weekend look.  It can act as the “grab and go” piece you need for air conditioned restaurants in the summer time.  Your favorite slinky slip dress can be dressed down with the blue denim jacket and your floral frock can get a sometimes much needed solid counterpart with the jean jacket.  

It’s time to revisit the American inspired essential in your closet.  Do you have one?  Does it fit?  Does the style allow it to multi-function for you?  Is it your grab and go?  If you have answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to discover your new favorite essential!  ...And Sophia Lustig has it!
The American inspired jean jacket.  Centerpiece.  Functional coverage.  Wardrobe staple.  Comfortable essential.  Chic simple weekend look.  Grab and go.  Dressed up or dressed down.  Sophia Lustig has it.

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