To my stylish community,

To my stylish community,
You have no idea how much you mean to Sophia Lustig!  Your loyalty, friendship and business are the reasons we do what we do.  We miss you and our daily interactions.  We are made for connection, not confinement.  But for now, it is important that we all stay home and stay safe.  There is comfort knowing we are in this together.

“It’ll be ok.  It’s just getting from here to ok, that’s the hard part.”  This is a quote my mom uses in difficult or challenging times.  It gives me a sense of peace to know that we will not be in this forever.  The unknown is the hardest part.  During unpredictable times, I feel the need to go back to the basics.  By reviewing our Mission, Vision and Core Values of Sophia Lustig, I am confident that we are making the best decisions we can with the information (ever changing information) we have .  It has been important for us to stay connected with family, employees, clients, vendors, industry advisors and local professional advisors.  

So, at this time, if you’re not in the mood to shop, I totally get it!  But when the mood strikes, know that we are here for you.  There are several ways you can stay connected with us.
  • Open our weekly/biweekly emails
  • Shop our website at
  • Visit our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram @sophialustigshops
  • Have a curated package delivered from our door to your door.  It will be the likes of the dressing room we put together for your in-store appointment. Keep what you like, have us pick up what you don’t.  Email or call/text me at 419-290-3009. 
  • Take advantage of our gift certificate promotion and save your shopping experience for our celebratory re-opening.

 Sophia Lustig’s Mission:  Building lasting relationships while inspiring women to look and feel her very best so that she will have the confidence to be the best version of herself.  
Sophia Lustig’s Vision:  To create the ultimate personalized shopping experience while anticipating the customers need before she recognizes she has the need.

Sophia Lustig’s Core Values:  
  Treat others how you wish to be treated.  Integrity:  Do the right thing, even when no one’s watching.  Attitude:  Stay positive, give 100%.  Accountability:  Take responsibility for your actions.  Education:  Never stop learning, share what you learn.  Community:  Give back to something greater. 
 We might all look a little different on the other side of this Global Pandemic, but I feel confident we will navigate our new normal together.  For now, stay home and know we are with you! 

Yours truly,
Meredith Moore

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