Our Story


Ms. Sophia Lustig opened her namesake downtown Toledo shop in 1936, at a time when personal service was the expectation, not the exception.  When Ms. Lustig passed away in 1972, her longtime employee, the late Grace Sullivan Brandhuber, continued to fulfill Ms. Lustig’s business vision.  She continued to work at the boutique after she sold the business to Paula Fall in 1981. 
In October 1987, Paula moved Sophia Lustig to its current location of 124 Tenth Street.  During Paula’s 31 years as proprietor of Sophia Lustig, her impeccable eye for detail coupled with her vision gave Sophia Lustig the reputation of being a symbol of style and grace.  In 2003, she saw a need to engage a younger, more contemporary client and launched Sophie’s Sister.
In 2012, Paula sold the business to her protégé, Meredith Moore.  Meredith's education, exceptional industry experience, and commitment to quality retail and relationships has positioned The Sophia Lustig Shops for a strong future.
Today, we are still located at 124 Tenth Street, Downtown Toledo. The shop takes pride in having a strong commitment to excellence and is dedicated to fashion, personal services, and community involvement. The Stylists are faithful to their clients and offer a comprehensive wardrobe experience.


  • Meredith Moore
    Meredith Moore Owner
  • Fatima Knight
    Fatima Knight Stylist
  • Kelly Zyndorf
    Kelly Zyndorf Stylist
  • Carol Hylant
    Carol Hylant Stylist
  • Kathi Souder
    Kathi Souder Stylist
  • Maureene