SL Signature

Personal Styling Gets Even More Personal

Other online clothing subscription box companies are just that – big companies sending the same boxes with a few different items thrown in. 

At Sophia Lustig, we've developed great relationships with our out-of-town clients that have truly exceeded expectations and personal attention. 

We suggest new additions to your closet that would go perfectly with that adorable skirt you bought a few years back, show you how to dress for your body type, and help you step outside of your fashion comfort zone, while staying true to your personal style.

After eight decades of being famous for our client relationships, we are confident that we can offer outstanding service online or over the phone to a limited number of non-local clients. Be prepared for an evolution of your style and help for all your fashion dilemmas.

Hurry! Our SL Signature Program Is Limited.

How It Works:

  • Step One:

    Either fill out our online questionnaire or schedule a phone call. We want to communicate with you in whatever is the most comfortable and efficient way you prefer.  A $50 styling fee per wardrobe box will be charged that can be applied towards future purchases.

  • Step Two:

    Send us items on your wish list, concerns, and even photos so we can fully understand your fashion needs and wants.

  • Step Three:

    We personalize a hand-selected SL Signature Box based off of our collaborations and your wish list.

  • Step Four:

    Try on items from the SL Signature Box. Keep what you love and send back what you don't, within one week.

  • Step Five:

    If our first Box didn't meet your needs, we would love to try again!  Otherwise, we look forward to repeating it on a monthly, quarterly or as-needed basis. There is no obligation or subscriptions. We are confident from our past history that once we have shown you how much we care and are excited to help you, our relationship will only get better with time - just like your wardrobe!

or call us at (419) 243-5131.

How do you prefer to communicate your fashion needs to us?