Is It Ok to Wear Bright Colors in the Fall?

Lovers of color, rejoice! It looks like we are headed towards a very vibrant autumn.

Some of the key shades in fashion for fall 2023 are bold red hues such as Pantone’s 2023 color of the year, Viva Magenta. Fiery red and red orange are also popular colors this fall. If you are color-adverse, don’t panic, we are also seeing lavender, jewel tones, sunny yellow, coconut milk and light beige tones on the runways. We will be seeing a lot of grays too. Black of course never goes out of style. There is something for everyone!

The last few years have been culturally transformative in the sense that priorities have shifted to embrace self-care and express our true identities. What better way to do this than through what we wear. The visionary and welcoming color palette this year is certainly an expression of our cultural landscape post lockdown. It’s optimistic, free-spirited and bold. 

Brace yourself for a delightful fusion of empowering bold shades and modern classics. So, yes you can wear bright colors in the fall. Here’s a few ideas on how to incorporate this season’s colors into your pre-existing wardrobe based on comfort level.

Bold: Viva Magenta runs through my veins!

You can wear Viva Magenta or statement color of choice, incorporated into a monochromatic look or as an accent color. If you like more than just a pop, check out our new Vilagallo collection that is all about vibrant color. This is for women who want to be noticed for their feminine, sophisticated style. We love the unique artful prints from this Spanish designer as they are not repeatable and limited. The Andrea Ikat Sequin Blazer by Vilagallo is the ultimate statement piece full of personality and shimmer. This jacket pairs really well with jeans.

Are you a fan of purple? Rock this hue with the Shoulder Puff Sweater by Phsophia or Luisa Cerano Alpaca V-neck sweater, both elegant staple pieces for elevating your fall and winter ensembles. If you prefer a pop of color on your lower half, check out the Phsophia Swirl Midi Skirt. There is no one way to incorporate bright colors into your fall wardrobe, whether it’s sunny yellow outerwear, a colorful skirt, or red lipstick, it’s what feels right for you! Sophia Lustig is here to support you in navigating the seasonal changes.

Subtle: A pop of color makes me feel just right...

Tonal dressing is still very much in style this season and perfect for those of us who prefer a quiet luxury look. Check out our gorgeous Kinross Cashmere Collection in Dune. Easily add a pop of color to your ensemble with a luxury scarf such as the Supernova Silk Scarf by Echo NY. Scarfs are an easy way to add sophisticated elegance to any outfit. It’s wearable art that you can drape, tie or knot and go.

Want a little more pop? Try pairing a brighter top such as the pink Isabella Print Shirt from Vilagallo with your favorite pair of denim or pants to create a balance between bold color and classic style. As the temperatures drop, layering can be a great way to add peaks of color. Dare to wear a bright knit and then throw a cozy cardigan over top in a neutral tone so you have just a little color showing through. Sometimes a little color can make a big impact.


While we believe the new palette for fall is on fire, we hope you will wear what makes you feel great. If it is not trending reds, ditch it and ask us about other ways to complement that timeless, classic you-ness. Feeling your best is what is truly trending and will never go out of style.

At Sophia Lustig what we are most passionate about for our current and future clients is helping build personalized wardrobes that feel just right for your unique body type and style. Your clothes should fit your life, where you live and work, your activities and where you go for fun. Supporting women through life transitions and special occasions is a privilege that we do not take for granted. We challenge our readers to continue working on finding your style. If you need inspiration, or would like a one on one with one of our stylists to help build your capsule wardrobe, breathe new life into your closet or just learn all the cool ways to accessorize, please reach out!

We are here for you and because of you.


Clothing showcased in above image from left to right:

1. Echo NY Winter Garden Scarf - a delightful fusion of warmth and luxury

2. Phsophia Shoulder Puff Purple Sweater - 100% extra fine merino wool

3. Phsophia Swirl Skirt - pleated midi skirt with vibrant colors for your fall wardrobe

4. Phsophia Reversible Floral Pullover - the finishing touch to your outfit

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