The Closet Edit

The Closet Edit

Video Series Recap

Did you catch the Closet Clean Out Video Series on Instagram? If not, we've got a quick recap for you right here. Maybe you are like me and just prefer to read, so you can take your time with the information. However you arrived at this blog, we are so glad you are here! Read on to read more about key points in Meredith’s step by step process to cleaning out your closet. If you want to let us know your thoughts or share where you are in your closet cleanout journey, feel free to leave comments below.

It’s a fascinating phenomenon – we tend to gravitate towards a fraction of our wardrobe, 20% according to some experts, leaving the rest untouched. Think about that for just a second. Does this apply to your closet? So, what is the other 80% made up of? My guess is some of us (including myself) are holding on to clothing we’ve worn over the decades that remind us of a special moment. There may even be pieces that we like, but haven’t figured out how to wear. I’ve got a few pieces that need mending (ok, a lot) and maybe we are holding onto pieces we don’t like and let’s be real-will never wear, but feel bad getting rid of because we spent money on them. Suffice it to say, the relationship with our closets can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Like any relationship, you get what you put into it.

So, are you ready to declutter and make room for pieces that truly reflect your timeless style and bring you joy? If you feel a little nervous or an inkling of dread… that’s normal. All those attachments… It takes work. Follow the below steps and you will be on your way to a closet that doesn't take up unnecessary physical and mental space. So, put on your favorite cleaning playlist and let’s do this together!

Step 1:  Pull Everything Out of Your Closet

Your hands should touch every item in your closet.

Pull everything out of your closet. Take a deep breath and accept that this is your pile. Do not judge yourself. This is your moving-forward moment which deserves praise. Give your brain a quick pep talk: We are ok. We can do this. This is going to feel good when it’s finished. If you have limited time to work on this project, and tend to get caught up reminiscing, try setting a time limit for how long you spend with each item. I like to go with a ‘rip the bandaid off’ approach so I don’t start overthinking or second guessing my choices. Above all, be kind to yourself.

What You Need to Get Started

  • Rolling Rack - if you don’t have one of these, a bed will suffice in a pinch. The rolling rack is ideal because you can see everything you have at a glance as opposed to having piles of things which can be overwhelming. If you need more than a day to sort through your clothing, then you can roll the rack away and your clothes aren’t taking up space on the bed or getting dirty on the floor.

  • Four Bins - This can be any container that helps you sort. Label the bins with the following:


These are items someone else can use, in decent condition, but no longer fit.


Get rid of clothing that has holes (the kind you can’t really fix, stains) clothing you would not donate.


This bin should include items that you love, such as pants that need to be hemmed because they are too long, or a blazer that needs to be taken in a bit to fit well. 

Tuck Away

Place items of nostalgia here, but ask yourself… does it bring me joy? Am ok passing it on for someone else to use, or does this belong in mylife. In other words… you can’t keep all your concert t-shirts and dress you wore to prom, but maybe you have a special scarf or shawl your grandmother passed down to you that you wear for comfort.

Part 2: - Clean your closet

Let’s turn your closet into a stylish sanctuary! This can be done with any size closet. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a celebrity-grade walk-in closet. Maybe you share a tiny closet with your husband or a roommate. You can still freshen up your closet. What does this mean? Everyone should vacuum the carpet and dust the baseboards and shelving. You won’t have this opportunity for a clean slate again for a while. Maybe you want to go the extra mile and add a fresh coat of paint or enhance the lighting. The aesthetics and cleanliness are key to creating a morning experience that complements your fabulous wardrobe. Elevate your space to elevate your style! While you’re at it evaluate your hangers. Switch them out to be uniform yet functional for the item.

Part 3:  Curating Your Closet

Ask yourself these Get Real questions:

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Does it flatter?
  3. Does it Make You feel good or give you confidence?

The key is to curate pieces for the rolling rack that align with your personal style and best self. Ask yourself

Does it fit?

  • Check for comfort. Ensure the garment allows for ease of movement and doesn’t feel restrictive.
  • Assess proportions. Check that sleeves, pant lengths, and overall proportions align with your body. Well-fitted clothing not only enhances comfort but also contributes to a polished appearance, ensuring you feel at ease throughout the day.

Does it flatter?

  • Identify your body shape. Understand your silhouette and choose clothes that accentuate your unique features.
  • Consider color and pattern. Opt for hues and patterns that complement your skin tone and enhance your overall look. Choosing pieces that complement your body shape accentuates your unique features, creating a harmonious and stylish silhouette.

Does it make you feel good?

  • Assess emotional connection. If an item sparks joy or positive memories, it contributes to your well-being.
  • Consider confidence. Wear pieces that boost your confidence, whether through a flattering cut or a favorite color. Clothing should uplift your mood and reflect your personal style. If an item brings joy and confidence, it deserves a place in your curated wardrobe.

These considerations go beyond functionality – they aim to create a wardrobe that resonates with your personal style, boosts your confidence and elevates your daily experience. Happy editing! 🌟

Part 4:  Analyze the Rolling Rack

Step Four of the Closet Clean Out is analyzing the rolling rack you are left with after you’ve edited the “OUTS”. This is essentially the 20% you always wear. Hopefully you are looking at a well balanced rack and you are able to make many outfits by mixing and matching wardrobe essentials with some knockout pieces to create your own personal style. Maybe, you are looking at a rack with some gaps. This is good and part of the process. Clearing out the clutter allows you to see what you really need and avoid over-shopping or acquiring items that don’t work towards building out your perfect wardrobe. This is where Sophia Lustig comes in. Our goal and passion is to help clients build and retain a well-rounded wardrobe In January we focused on the Closet Clean Out. In February, we will be focusing on Wardrobe Essentials.

Extra Tips on Organizing & Protecting Your Clothes:


  • Not all hangers are created equal. We prefer any hanger covered in velvet or other cloth to protect the fibers of your clothes. If you still have metal hangers, toss them. While plastic hangers are cost effective, they are not durable and tend to break easily.
  • Use heavy coat hangers for your outer wear to avoid stretching in the shoulder area. Wooden hangers work well because they can handle the weight.
  • If you can, buy your hangers to be all the same style. You’ve spent time cleaning and freshening up your closet sanctuary so why not continue the aesthetically pleasing look. It is a great way to start your morning when you get dressed.


  • We love to use lucite bins to store garments that aren’t getting hung up. You can see through them, so you don’t have to dig around creating more folding. Sweaters, underlayers and denim can be stored this way, saving you some hanger space.
  • If you have shelf space, consider using acrylic dividers in between lets say a stack of sweaters and denim. It not only keeps piles separated, but it prevents those bouncy sweater stacks from toppling over.
  • If you have boots, consider using boot helpers for the longer boots to keep them from folding over. This saves space, keeps your shoes organized and looks better.
  • A wooden shoe tree will wick away moisture and hold the shoes shape so it dries out correctly keeping creases at bay.

Emergency Kit

  • The emergency kit is a magical box that will live in your closet and will keep all of your tools in one place. Think sweater shavers, lint rollers, measuring tape and mending kits. Save time by having a place for all tools closet related, so you don’t have to run around looking for items you don’t use everyday.

Stay tuned on social and our blog  to learn more about The Wardrobe Essentials in the month of February as we cover the following topics:

  • Buy less, choose well, make it last!
  • Be selective to things you love
  • Aim for quality over quantity
  • Make a wish list

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